Rainy season common diseases and their

Elands are capable of jumping up to 2. Sometimes she runs away from males trying to mate, causing more attraction. Making this worse is the habagat Southwest monsoonwhich is further enhanced by these typhoons, causing floods in different parts of the country. The Thames remained frozen over for about 8 weeks.

Antiprotozoal can also be prescribed accordingly. In Celtic nations such as Ireland using the Irish calendar and in Scandinavia, the winter solstice is traditionally considered as midwinter, with the winter season beginning 1 November, on All Hallowsor Samhain. Control measures may include the application of one of various insecticides or choosing a variety that is less susceptible to flower thrips.

Non-infectious diseases are caused by very low temperatures, mineral excesses and deficiencies. Rotating strawberry patches at least every three years and tilling the areas after the growing season can help reduce the infestation of the strawberry bud weevil. Symptoms of dengue fever include severe joint and muscle pain, swollen lymph nodes, headache, fever, exhaustion, and rash.

They are sexually dimorphicwith females being smaller than the males. Snowblindnessnorovirusseasonal depression ; slipping on black ice and falling icicles are other health concerns associated with cold and snowy weather. These wire thin caterpillars are experts in camouflaging.

Wet season

Other forms of malaria are P. This is why early diagnosis and treatment of diseases in rainy season is important making the difference between life and death. Male ambrosia beetle Euplatypus sp. These are larvae of beetles. Drink safe and clean water only If unsure, boil drinking water upon reaching boiling point, extend boiling for 3 or more minutes.

It is 2—4 hours before a female allows a male to mount. The calves leave the nursery group when they are at least two years old and join a male or female group.

Juvenile elands are more vulnerable than adults to their predators. Rose plants and citrus plants are quite susceptible to this disease. Larvae feed on stem's tissue and leave frass behind Plumeria stem borer injury: It is given in 2 doses and offers protection for years.

The three-month period associated with the coldest average temperatures typically begins somewhere in late November or early December in the Northern Hemisphere and lasts through late February or early March. Some varieties of plants are resistant to red stele rot, but can become susceptible to the disease after time.

Disease of the leaf caused by bacteria Description: The species extends north into Ethiopia and most arid zones of South Sudanwest into eastern Angola and Namibiaand south to South Africa. This disease also affects flowers. As they grow, they start nibbling the leaves, which get cut irregularly.

Ice surrounded Iceland for miles in every direction. The rotten stem softens, hollows and finally collapses. As the branch dries due to constant sapping of juices, the sucking insects, which are almost immobile, perish along with the branch.

Common elands are nomadic and crepuscular. Examples are the rock ptarmiganArctic foxweaselwhite-tailed jackrabbitand mountain hare. The lack on the required amount of nitrogen in strawberry plants results in smaller fruits, fewer runner, and the older leaves turn orange or red, while the younger ones are shorter and are a pale green color.

The female then leaves an egg inside the bud leaving it to hatch. Due to their fungus-like appearance and immobility, many people confuse them with fungus.

Affected blossoms turn brown and die off. Preventive measures — Take an antimalarial drug as a precautionary measure in mosquito prone areas. Large size fruits 4 cm. The aphid can vary in color from a pale green to a bluish black.

In the wet season, air quality improves, fresh water quality improves, and vegetation grows substantially, leading to crop yields late in the season. Rivers overflow their banks, and some animals retreat to higher ground. Simplified Turfgrass Disease Identification Key A. Distinct patches of yellow to brown colored grass are present.

Patch is small, circular, sunken, and rarely exceed 3 inches in diameter. Banana Diseases & their Control. Panama Wilt (Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense): This is a soil-borne fungal disease and gets entry in the plant body through roots.

It is most serious in poorly drained soil. Initial symptoms are yellowing of lower leaves, including leaf blades and petioles. Strawberries - Diseases, Pests and Problems Basic Information. Problem: Frost Injury Affected Area: Weather injury that affects the flowers, pistils, Description: Frost injury kills the pistils causing the flowers to turn black.

In severe conditions, the flower may die or a few pistils may survive and the flower may produce deformed fruit. Dr. Sharon M. Douglas Department of Plant Pathology and Ecology The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Huntington Street, P.

O. Box Common Leaf Diseases of Deciduous Trees 2.

13 Common Maple Tree Problems and Diseases

Anthracnose and Leaf Blotch. Ash, green, and red (Fraxinus spp.)—The common leaf spot and scorch on ash leaves is caused by the ash anthracnose fungus, Gloeosporium michaelferrisjr.com areas of infected leaves, especially along.

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