30 desi ways to be eco friendly

Catch the bus to work as it is cheaper and better for the environment. Meditation instead of medication Meditate rather than medicate. They are safe and last forever whereas the nonstick cookware has to be discarded once the Teflon coating wears out.

Find out what products and consumables you use that are made using fossil fuel based products and processes and use them less or replace them in your life. The changes are surprisingly easy to make, there are more ways than you can imagine to begin to practice conservation.

Composting is an easy process that takes remains of plants and kitchen waste and converts it into rich nutrient food for your plants that helps them grow. The Environmentally Friendly Person The environmentally friendly person is the person who moves through life with an awareness of how natural resources are used to create and support the life that they live.

The result is much more flavorful and healthy. You will know where your food is coming from. The Freecycle Network is a grassroots and entirely nonprofit.

Kerala Floods: Desi, eco-friendly water purifiers come handy at relief camps

Keep the volume in check. It seems there is no one straight answer to this question. Keeps away mosquitoes too. The fact that it meets the stringent fire retardant requirements required for aircraft makes it particularly innovative, as this is something particularly hard to do without toxins.

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Check out our interview with founder Dawn Oliveira. If your office is near your home, try to ride a bicycle instead of a car. Start by living with a greater awareness of the resources that you use in your daily life. Double up on oil uses.

The Challenges of a Sustainable Lifestyle

Collect them in a covered box, introduce a few worms, and soon, you will be making your own, all natural compost. Biogas instead of commercial gas Try installing biogas units for individual houses or groups of houses in your locality. Buy recycled material items: When you go out for shopping, try to buy products from market that are made up of recycled materials with minimal packaging i.

Great for potted plants and kitchen garden. Human activity is leading to extinction of endangered species and habitats. Yoga instead of gymming You can exercise and strengthen your body at the gym but nothing can beat yoga when it comes to fitness of the mind and the body.

Collect them in a covered box, introduce a few worms, and soon, you will be making your own, all natural compost. Use your laptop instead of a desktop while at home. Hazardous chemicals like paint, oil, ammonia and other chemical solutions when disposed openly, can cause pollution in the air and water as these chemicals can seep into the groundwater.

Definitely eliminate plastic cutlery from your kitchen. To recycle something means that it will be transformed again into a raw material that can be shaped into a new item.

Sending them off with Prasad is tradition and so is them carrying their offerings to the Lord. Coconut fibre instead of plastic scrubbers We all know that plastic is choking the earth. Neti kriya instead of nasal drops Neti kriya helps address the root of the problem, whereas nasal drops provide temporary relief, if any.

It is free, it is safe, it is non-invasive and has ONLY positive effects.

What is Being Environmentally Friendly?

Donating unwanted clothes in good condition can keep them out of landfills. The Organic and eco-friendly water purifier helps cleanse impure water up to the capacity of 30 liters within a few hours and makes it safe for drinking according to BIS standards.

About the author Vandana. Hi there, this blog is my attempt to make plastic-free & zero waste living fun, practical and livable for you by using desi ways from the good old days.

30 Desi Ways To Be Eco-Friendly

On the lookout for eco-friendly stays around Mumbai, we found this Greenspaces initiative to exactly what we were looking for. Located just about 30 minute out of Nashik city, it is a quaintly crafted destination, perfect for mingling with the nature while enjoying a bit of luxury for your well deserved weekend getaway.

Or you can learn to make an eco friendly clay Ganesha idol at home through the video below And if you are ready to go that extra mile, take inspiration from this Ganesh idol made with vegetables and create something environment friendly and unique.

According to the EPA, toilets account for almost 30 percent of the average household’s indoor water usage. One easy way to slash this number is by upgrading an older toilet model to an EPA-certified WaterSense model. Nationwide estimates that the eco-friendly models can save as much as 13, gallons of water per year, plus slash water bills.

30 desi ways to go eco-friendly

There are many ways for being environment-friendly at office. Refer the article to know the Eco friendly ideas for the office. Recycling, decreasing energy output and reusing items in place of throwing them in the waste are included in “Going green” concept.

30 desi ways to be eco friendly
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